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Labor of Love

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Love is more than a feeling--it's an action. It's easy to love when you feel comforted, warm, and loved in return. But, the real test of true love is if you can display your love even when things are hard.

Devoting everything you are to your business is similar to the way that wedding vows are--"Through sickness and health... for richer or poorer". You have to press on during sicknesses, and you can't give up when things get sparse. This is when you're true love is tested for your craft. How do you respond when you're tested? Do you give up? Or, do you lean in to change, and grow?

In order to grow, you have to reflect on your imperfections to see where changes can be made.

1. Continue Your Education: Never be satisfied with where you are. Keep pursing more skill sets and different methods of approach. Invest in yourself to bring more to your trade.

2. Take Survey's: Get real feedback from direct clients. Ask them face-to-face for critiques, or send out an anonymous survey to learn things you may not be aware of.

3. Ask for Help: Recognize the things you're good at, as well as the things you aren't. It's not a fault, but a time to delegate. Ask others who has strengths where your weaknesses are.

The act of love is a continuous act of small choices. It's in the small act to decide to send that email. To create a new networking connection. To spend money on a new ad. Day in and day out, you have to choose to love what you do. You have to actively put your mind to becoming better at it. You have to choose NOT to do anything else that might be easier, but ultimately less satisfying. It means putting yourself out on the line with everything to risk--but in return, you'll have everything and more to gain.

Are you willing to make the choice every day?

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